Fundamental Tricks and Tips

We enjoy learning of the new and innovative ways you play stix. So, please feel free to send us a video clip or share a youtube link with us. With your permission, we may just publish it.


Find the balance point. Be imaginative with your play. Have a look at the Lunastix FAQ.

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Fundamental Tricks

(734k -- approx. 2 minute download at 56k)

Start with this move: Rest one leather end on the ground, or on a table. Position one handstick midway between the center of the baton and the top leather end. Lock your wrists, but leave your elbows flexible. Now, pull upward releasing the baton from one hand stick and catch it with the other, in a back-and-forth motion. Notice as the top leather end flops from one handstick to the other, the bottom leather end travels in the opposite direction, like that of a pendulum. Repeat this motion back and forth, mimicking a pendulum. As you become comfortable with this rhythm, lift the baton into the air, repeating the catch-and-release motion between the handsticks. Remember, you are not batting the stick but rather releasing the stick with a subtle snap.
(997k -- approx. 2.5 minute download at 56k)

While tic tocking, try pulling a little with one handstick and pushing away with the other. This push-and-pull motion is very subtle. It's accomplished within a matter of inches. The baton will start to spin horizontally like a chopper's propeller.
(1,074k -- approx. 2.5 minute download at 56k)

The focus of the spin is toward the tip of your hand stick, and just off the baton's center, in the direction of rotation. Begin by pushing or rotating the tip of your handstick around the center of the baton. Spin the baton in a clockwise motion if you are using your right hand, or counter-clockwise if using your left. Begin by rotating the baton like a propeller, following it with the handstick, and catching underneath the baton just off center. This circular, push- pull-catch rotation happens just off center and will lead you into the spin as you repeat and hone the technique. This takes a while to learn, so stick with it. Pardon the pun.

Various combinations of the Helicopter and Spin evolve into a continuous rotation known as an Infinite or Infinity roll. This motion can be sustained for as long as your energy allows.
(648k -- approx. 1.5 minute download at 56k)

Toss with a firm snap of the handstick, from the center of the baton. You will have greater success tossing and catching from the center of the baton.

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